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Chiemi Yoshida (JAPAN)

Chiemi Yoshida, a pianist, embarked on her musical journey by taking piano lessons in her early years. At the age of 15, she delved into the world of jazz for the first time. Pursuing her passion further, she enrolled in the Jazz Course at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, where she studied jazz piano under Mr. Yuki Arimasa. Additionally, she sought guidance in jazz organ from Mr. Tony Monaco outside the academic realm. As a leader of piano trios and organ jazz quartets, she has conducted performance activities primarily in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In addition to her solo performances, she contributed to the creation of a piano soundtrack for the visual work of Apirak Jianpinidnun, an artist from Chiang Mai, Thailand, featured in the Koganecho Bazaar 2014 – Fictive Communities Asia. Beyond her musical pursuits, as the director of the creative unit “wanogilon,” she collaborated with dancers to produce three music videos.

Actively engaging with the global jazz community, she participated in jazz events and workshops abroad. She seized opportunities to collaborate with musicians from diverse backgrounds, including sessions with her mentor Tony Monaco and Grammy Award-winning artist Maurice Brown.

In August 2023, she expanded her influence by opening Chiemi Music Studio, not only as a space for musical expression but also as a platform for educational endeavors. Her commitment extends beyond performing, as she dedicates her efforts to both music and education.

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